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You’re probably here because you want to get out of debt, make more money, spend more unstressed time with your family, enjoy a higher quality of life and be able to do all of the things that you’ve dreamt of. I don’t know about you, but these were our motivations for starting this journey.

If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. In fact, my hope for you is that you are able to accomplish all of those things and in the process become the person that you always dreamt of being.

Who Are We?

We’re Anthony and Iris Griffin and our website is all about inspiring you to become the best that you can be and learn to build multiple streams of passive income that helps you to realize your dreams. A lot of people visit this website because they are looking for ways to make a lot of money, and the information that we share with you will certainly help you to do that……….in time.

It is of the utmost importance that you realize that money won’t make you happy. It will only magnify the person that you already are. If you are a generous person, you will be more generous. If you are a butthole, you’ll only become a HUGE butthole.

This is the reason why we focus so heavily on developing better people rather than focusing solely on making money.

You will develop the life you want by becoming the person that you want to be. Jim Rohn stated, “If you will change, then everything will change for you.” You are at the center of your life experience and you must take full responsibility for it if you want to make a serious change from where you are today. If you want to experience a better quality of life, then you must become the type of person that is necessary to achieve it.

At any given moment, you are free to create the type of life that you want and to make the necessary changes that will lead you into that new direction. Each moment, we choose what we allow to become a fixture in our lives. If you want to make changes in your life, all you need to do is take a look at how you spend your day and whom you spend it with. Your daily routine is exactly why your life is where it is now. The five closest people to you are exactly what you will become, pay close attention to this.

In this video, I explain why your daily routine is so important to changing the rest of your life:

The Core Concepts of My Website

In order for more money and freedom to exist in your life, you must develop the right mindset and steps to help you get there. This will not be comfortable at first, but it is necessary and worth the effort.

As corny as this sounds, your beliefs really do determine what you are capable of in life.

Here are some of the concepts that you will find on this website:

1. There is an infinite abundance of money, and one person’s experience, abilities, and/or income can never hinder someone else from achieving what they want. There is plenty to go around.
2. There is no limited pie. You create your own pie and you can have as much or as little as you want.
3. Your ability to make money is in direct correlation to how much value you bring to the marketplace, not the time you invested in creating it. Making money doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of time, nor will spending a lot of time equal a lot of money. Remember this!!!
4. Making money is easy when you become the type of person who is valuable to the marketplace.
5. Profits are always better than wages.
6. What you earn is a direct reflection of the value that you give to someone else. True lasting wealth can only be achieved by contributing real value to the marketplace. Those who have broken this rule to make a “quick buck” do so at the cost of possibly ruining all of their hard work in the future.
7. Your life today is the result of seeds that you planted a long time ago. You are constantly planting seeds and the way to change the future is by being conscious of the seeds that you drop, starting RIGHT NOW.
8. The 9-to-5 job is a dinosaur of the Industrial Age. It is outdated, overvalued and unsafe. It is much safer to work for yourself in some capacity. This way, you can continually work towards contributing more and more to the marketplace and thus experiencing more out of life.
9. True contribution can only come from a place of abundance. Everyone has experienced something that is valuable to someone else.
10. There is no end to your personal growth. Therefore, you can never “arrive” or be “complete”. Instead, by reading this, you realize that you have already “arrived” and you are already “complete”. You are completely free in this moment to choose whatever you want to do. Therefore, if you have finished your personal growth, then you should check your pulse, because you are dead my friend.

The Keys To Success

Success is an idea. You can’t reach into your pocket and pull out success. The same is true with happiness and especially security.

Success is really based on your interpretation; it means different things to different people. My definition of success is complete freedom. Freedom can be defined as spending your hours however you best see fit, because if this isn’t how you’re currently living, you aren’t really free. Freedom means having the financial resources to spend your time doing what you feel is best. Freedom means answering the call of your true purpose in life. Freedom is doing what you find to be the your best contribution to society.

Anthony’s five steps to freedom are as follows:

1. DECIDE what you want your life to look like.
2. DELETE the things or people that are holding you back.
3. INCREASE your income and possibilities.
4. INVEST in your self-development and long-term wealth.
5. GIVE BACK out of your abundance.

For most people, the biggest thing that they think is holding them back is financial ability. In reality, the biggest thing holding them back is their “lack mentality”. Therefore, our website focuses a lot on changing the way we THINK.

Our three-step formula to financial success is as follows:

1. Start a business that is not connected to your time. In our case, the buying and holding of rental property for the long term. There are only so many hours in the day, so we wanted income that doesn’t come from trading time for dollars.
2. Invest your profits into some type of “hands-off” income stream such as an online business. We’ll explain later how to hire someone else to manage the property so you can be a business owner and not a burned out landlord.
3. Live off the profits OR (if you have higher ambitions) invest them into long-term wealth, through such vehicles as dividend paying stocks, bonds, tax liens, start up companies, etc.

How to Get Started Now

Your road to freedom starts with the very first step, your DECISION to make a change. Here are a few ways for you to put yourself in the right direction.

1. Download a copy of the 13 Career Ending Mistakes Real Estate Investors Should Avoid. Ownership of income-producing real estate is one of the best and oldest ways to build wealth and change the course of your family. There are several people on the Forbes List of Billionaires as proof of this. This FREE guide will help you to avoid some of the simple, yet costly mistakes that we’ve seen novice and professional investors make time and time again.
2. Join our online community: Wealth Builders’ University.  In this member’s only area, we’ll walk you step-by-step through what it takes to build a strategy for eliminating debt, getting spending under control, investing the stock market and buying real estate as a way to build long-term wealth. If you are serious about building generational wealth, then you want to be a part of this community. Make a decision and get started today!!!!!!
3. Check Out Our Resources Page: These are the tools and books and resources that we’ve used to help build our businesses.
4. Subscribe to Our Website: By entering your email address in the form below, you will be subscribing to our website, we’ll keep you up to date with information on how to build streams of passive income as well as products that we have available to help you along the way.

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