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Learning To Write and Think is Fun With IEW

I am so excited to tell you about IEW (Institution for Excellence in Writing). We’ve been using this program for the past 2 years and really love it. We started out with the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style with Ancient History-Based Writing Lesson for practice in Classical Conversations Essentials Program. We have also completed Medieval History–Based Writing Lessons and Fix It! Grammar Books – The Nose Tree and Robin Hood. During the summer months, we completed the Student Writing Intensive Program to keep our writing skills sharp and because the writing activities are fun.

IEW does offer several different courses depending on the ages and needs of your students, so you’ll want to check out the IEW Website to decide which program is best for your student. I really like how this program works. The instructions for your students are really clear and they know exactly what they need to do to create a properly formed paragraph along with dress-ups, and sentence openers that will really improve their writing style.

I’ve actually found that watching the videos with my kids has been enough for me to be able to facilitate the writing lessons and improve my bad habits that I obtained over many years. They also provide checklists for your student, along with a grading sheet that makes the whole process really easy for both the teacher, and the student.

We are using Fix It! Grammar for our grammar curriculum this year. This program is a fantastic way to review grammar and learn new concepts. Both my boys worked together even though they are different ages. This program allows the students to progress where they are and move them forward to create a more confident writer. It excites me that my boys have discovered a love for writing. We are so blessed to have found this program.

If you find this information helpful, The Institute for Excellence in Writing invites you to celebrate the Fourth of July with their “Freedomship” promotion! To share in the spirit of freedom, they are delighted to present to you “freedom-shipping” with zero postage on domestic standard orders! Freedomship promotion will be held from July 1–10. During these ten days, free shipping on all orders using the coupon code. This is a great time to purchase for your homeschool needs.


To learn more check out these upcoming webinars:

Learn to Read and Write with PAL (Primary Arts of Language) (06/26/17 7:30PM – 8:30PM)

Join Jill Pike for an overview of Primary Arts of Language (PAL), a beginning reading and writing program based on Anna Ingham’s award-winning 70-year legacy, The Blended Sound-Sight System of Learning. In this webinar, Jill shares her own experiences in teaching gifted as well as dyslexic students to read and write, which formed a framework for putting together PAL, designed to provide everything you need to start your kindergarten to second-grade students reading and writing. These multisensory, interactive materials will give your children a foundation for excellence in writing as they take delight in discovering the joys of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Spelling and the Brain (07/17/17 7:30PM – 8:30PM)

 Join Andrew Pudewa as he shares some salient points on this important topic and answers your questions on writing, thinking, and speaking. Many children (and some adults) have difficulty learning to spell, but the difficulty may not be with the student so much as with the method of presentation. Find out in this workshop how spelling information is most efficiently stored in the brain, and why. Parents and teachers, be well-equipped to meet the needs of all your children, not just the naturally good spellers. Bonus content: Learn best practices for using IEW’s Phonetic Zoo, our award-winning independent study-spelling program!


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